About Us

Since January 2006, Neil Snider and Aaron Strawser have been playing in the same band together.  Neil ever-perfecting his guitar and Aaron his percussion, Neil and Aaron finished the foundation of a future band by adding bassist and vocalist Bill Sowers in 2013.  Bill is an accomplished musician who solidified our sound and drove us to be a better band.  While Bill took on the vocals, we always knew we wanted more. 

In 2015 we discovered Rock N Roll Nichole.  She was searching for a band who could use her talents on vocals, Keyboard, Mandolin, Flute, Accordion and Saxophone.  We were that band. With Nichole and Bill singing the songs, the music really came together. Just when we thought we found what we wanted, it got even better.

Laura joined the band and Off The Grid became what it is today.  Laura is the sound magician, running sound for the band and rounding out the tunes with her multiple musical talents.  She plays keyboard, bells, percussion and guitar, and boy can she sing!  Smooth three-part harmony vocals, diverse instrumentation and a commitment to the spirit of the music is what drives Off The Grid. The best part is when you show up! We play rock covers you don't hear every day; those songs you know every word to and haven't heard forever. We hope to see you around Central Ohio soon.

Classic Rock Covers You Don't Hear Everyday